Dec 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner

Since moving to Minnesota and only know brother-in-law and sister-in-law, my sister-in-law's family has pretty much adopted Hubster and me. It's really nice knowing they care for us!
We're always invited to family get-togethers and it's nice.

This is our first Christmas away from the family in Alaska, so sister-in-law's mother invited us out to Christmas dinner.
We went to Osaka's Sushi & Hibachi in Apple Valley, Minnesota for hibachi. I never had hibachi so it was a different experience. I heard it was a lot like Bennihanna's (which I never had before either).

The food was good, saki bombs were done, and great company.
Afterwards, we went to sister-in-law's mother's house and opened gifts from Santa.
I had a great time!
I can't wait to see what Santa brings me on Christmas.


Lin said...

That sounds like so much fun :)

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