Dec 27, 2012

Random Thursday: New Year's Edition

First off, I want to say that this year has FLOWN by!! So much has happened this year and I can't believe I'm saying hello to 2013 just as I'm getting used to writing 2012 on checks!

Also, I will be working on New Years Eve AND New Years Day. It sucks being the new girl.

Anywho, I have a lot of plans and hopes for 2013.

I plan to:

  • on my procrastination. 
  • ...get a good start on my first year of college. Lord knows I'm going to need help. I haven't done anything school related in over ten years! 
  • hard and get into the house I've been dreaming about!
  • on my anger issues. 
  • a better wife.
  • ...become a healthier me.
I hope: 
  • ...for good grades in school. 
  • become a healthier me. 
  • ...Hubster finds a job. 
  • ...I can learn to be a better wife.
  • ...that I can juggle work and school. 
  • ...for all around happiness.
So there you have it. My plans and hopes for 2013. 
Here's to another year!


Lin said...

Oh my goodness, procrastination is totally something I have to work on too. Being healthy is something Ive lacked for the last few years, I need to fix this asap.

I'm really crossing my fingers for your good grades & your hubs to get a great job :)

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