Dec 13, 2012

Random Thursday

I've been eyeballing a few things that I hope the Hubster picks up on. He bought me a Pandora bracelet for our anniversary with a camera charm. I'm hoping for another charm for Christmas. Possibly this one.

I've also been looking at a few things related to football. I'm a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan. I'd love a new t-shirt or hat.

Or a really cool owl contact case. How cool is that?!! My contacts are bored in their regular home. This will spruce it up a bit!

I've also been eyeballing some necklaces on Etsy. I love the handstamped necklaces on Etsy! I just love Etsy!

Also, for a present to me, I'm crocheting myself a scarf and ear warmer. I just need to decide the colors.


Unpublished Life said...

Hi there, stopping by from Linny's link-up ... Great Christmas list. Pandora bracelets are great! I would love a pair of ear warmers - it's too damn cold outside!

Happy Thursday!

Lin said...

The hubs & I went to the mall the other day & passed by a Pandora store. Dont die of laughter, but I'd never even heard of this store before. They have great stuff though, really cute.

As for that contact lens case, I want one too!

Katrin said...

Stopping by from the link up!
I love that contact lenses case! Soooo cute! I need to have one too! And the Pandora charm is adorable!

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