Dec 12, 2012

Review: Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

***All statements are my own opinion. I was not paid to do this review. I bought the product with my OWN money. I would have the same opinion regardless of compensation.***
***Please excuse poor picture quality. My camera has been dead for awhile and I was using my iPhone***

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

I never really put much thought into the kind of deodorant I should use. I usually buy whatever is on sale, I have a coupon for, and what it smells like. 
After my mom beat breast cancer, then after having a grandmother fight it and my husband's aunt fight it, I started to really think about what changes I could make in my life to try and beat getting breast cancer. 
Besides changing my diet, exercising more, changing what type of products I use, etc., I never thought about changing my deodorant until I read studies about the link of antiperspirant deodorants and breast cancer. 
I couldn't believe what I was reading. 
So I was on a mission to find a new deodorant. I'm not one of those women that can go without deodorant for a whole day, so I was desperately trying to find a new replacement. 
I tried many different organic and natural deodorants and none of them worked. 
They would leave me all sweaty and stinky after a few hours of getting out of the showers. 

I was unhappy and wanting to go back to regular deodorant until I talked to my sister-in-law's mother who had cancer and after talking to her doctor, was advised to change deodorant. She was able to find one that worked really well for her so I decided to give it a try. What could I lose? 

Well I was out shopping when I came across this deodorant. It's called Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. 

Please excuse my messy table

Back of the box

 Looks cute!

What the stick looks like

So, I only spent $2.78 on this little gem at the local grocery store in the organic section. I have also seen it at Walmart since buying (for 20 cents cheaper). I will admit that I was very skeptical at first. 
The instructions on the box say, "Moisten clean skin or crystal and apply generously to cover entire area. Reapply to clean skin as necessary."

The first time I used it, I got out of the shower and just applied it after drying off. It didn't feel gross and it didn't leave a gritty residue either. 
I had a lot of running around to do and I thought I was going to sweat right through the deodorant, but I was very surprised to feel so dry after peeling off all the layers I was wearing. 
As an every day deodorant, I was enjoying it! 

Now the next test was to see how it held up after a workout. 
I applied the deodorant a few hours before going to the gym and after my workout, I was really surprised! I was sweaty of course, but I didn't have any B.O funk like you would after not wearing deodorant for awhile. 
This made me really happy. 

So overall, I was really happy with the product. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for better and healthier products to use. 
I like the affordability, how easy it was to find, and how it protects from the sweat and the foul body odor.

If you buy it, let me know what you think of it. 
Have you used something similar? Share. :)


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