Dec 15, 2012

Six Word Saturday

So happy I got the job!

I finally got the call back and the manager offered the job to me. 
I'm so freakin' excited! 
I was really worried. 
It's nothing fancy or anything, but he's paying me what I asked for and he's willing to work around my school schedule. 
I'm glad to just have the little bit of extra income coming in so we're not COMPLETELY broke. 

This message brought to you by Six Word Saturday. Click on over to see what everyone is saying in six words. 
What are yours?


KristinBlack said...

Congrats!! I just quit mine for a (hopefully) better one.

Romi said...


Ron. said...

Conga Rats & Best O' Luck!!!

Dana said...


McGuffy Ann said...

Congrats to you!

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