Dec 25, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Christmas Edition!

1. I'm done with everything Christmas due to celebrating early since everyone works crazy schedules.

2. I'm really enjoying my new job. So many perks especially the Christmas season!

3. We finally put up our Christmas tree the day before Christmas.

4. I got everything I asked for...and then some!

5. There's nothing better than seeing the face on my 15 month old nephew's face as we walked into the house and all of his gifts were in the middle of living room. He loved every thing about it!

6. I might talk Hubster into taking me to see Les Miserables.

7. I'm secretly glad everything Christmas is over.

8. I'm really missing Alaska family right now.

9. Excited to start Elf on a Shelf with my nephew next year. I have a crocheted version of the elf and absolutely adore it!

10. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and have a lot of great memories to keep and cherish forever.


Lin said...

I love that you still posted, gives me something to read when everyone else was taking the day off (myself included).

2. That's so great to hear. Are you working at a hospital again?
3. Haha! We put our up 2 weeks before christmas & I thought that was late.
4. Woohoo, that's great.
6. Good luck with that. My husband wouldnt go anywhere near that.
7. Me too. Me. Too.

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