Dec 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. My anniversary is tomorrow. Four years ago I married Hubster. We've had some really happy times, and really dark times, but I love him more now than I did when I first married him.

2. I started my period Monday....finally. I'm actually pretty surprised. I've been having 60 day cycles for the past few months and I had a 45 day cycle this last month. I absolutely hate having PCOS.

3. I finally got all of my financial aid stuff figured out and I'm officially a college student!!!

4. I've been feeling like the black sheep of the family lately. My mom has been doing so much for my brother and sisters and has not once helped me. I've pretty much struggled for every little thing I have and I'm very happy about that. I feel accomplished and self-worthy of it, but it would be nice for my mom to help me out once in a blue moon.

5. I'm still waiting on my Christmas cards to show up. I can't wait to see them and send them out to everyone!

6. When out in public, say, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, out at a restaurant, what is socially acceptable to say around the holidays....Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? Or does it even matter? I used to work in retail and I knew lots of people that didn't celebrate Christmas due to religious regions, etc and I always said Happy Holidays. I happened to have said that the other day and this lady totally went off on me! She starts screaming at me saying it's the Lord's birthday and I need to say Merry Christmas. Oi lady! I'm just trying to be considerate of others during the holiday season.

7. I may not have said very many nice things to lady above.

8. Why has no one introduced me to Pretzel Crisps??? I freaking LOVE the Everything flavor.

9. I applied for a part-time job yesterday. Wish me luck that I get an interview!

10. This is how I listen to my rap/hip-hop songs. Guy has skills!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Leah said...

I think Happy Holidays. I used to work in a grocery store in HS and my mgr. told me to say Marry Christmas and I was like NO WAY, not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Congrats on being a college student, that's a super huge deal!!!

Leah /// Lovely Life of Leah

lissa said...

I prefer happy holiday because it's simple. I think that lady was too much. she can ignore you and just walk away if she didn't like hearing it.

have a great holiday.

Lin said...

1. The last time I said I loved the hubs more now than when I married him, someone actually gasped like I'd whipped out my clam or something. Its the truth though, everything we've been through has helped me fall more in love with him.
3. Ugh...I hate you Aunt Flo.
4. Yay for you! Get that book bag ready for some heavy lifting.
5. Me too!
6. Dude, I quit caring what others think regarding this. Personally I say Merry Christmas but only because its habit. My SIL & MIL get SO pissed off if you tell them Happy Holidays...I'm just glad people arent flipping me off haha.
7. Fuck it, she deserved it. I think Jeebus would be more pissed about her attitude than you saying Happy Holidays. Hippocrates. I hate them.
9. I dont think I need to wish you that much luck anymore since you already got a call back ;)
10. Oh my gawd...I just laughed out loud at work & got the strangest looks. Love this more than cookies!

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