Jan 24, 2013

Sunset, School, and Boogers

I have a thing for sunrises and sunsets. 
This one isn't as pretty as an Alaska sunset, but it's still a beautiful one.
This was on the way home from class.

My English credit for my degree is called Writing and Research Skills. It's where we have to analyze these stupid ass articles and find the claims, evidence, etc. My nephew has been really helpful with helping me decipher the articles and write the papers.

Guess who learned something new? He's diggin' for gold there. He has the finger jammed far and even has the mouth open to dig a little deeper. 
Every parent needs to have a picture of the first time their child learned to pick their nose.
P.S. There was no booger eating. Would have been 100 times funnier though!

I hope everyone is having a great week. 
Jan 23, 2013


I have decided to make a commitment. I'm not usually the committing type (I still have no idea how I got married), but I have decided enough is enough already.

I've decided to commit to healthier eating.
I've secretly been doing it for two weeks now and I can say that I'm feeling great.
Now if only I can get more sleep....but that's a whole other thing.

I've been drinking a protein shake in the morning on my way to class or work, eating a healthy bar mid-morning so I don't starve to death, eating a nice veggie packed lunch, and a really nice dinner. Usually something baked or grilled with some nice steamed veggies.

I've been pretty good staying away from a bunch of treats although I do let myself have one or two small pieces of chocolate a week. Hey, I'm not perfect.

Anywho, this is the kind of lunches I've been packing.

I want to eat it now!

Happy Wednesday Blogarinos!
Jan 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. I wish I had a minion to do all the stuff I can never find time to do anymore. I haven't painted my nails or taken the old, chipped polish off of my nails in a really long time. It's looking bad.

2. It is so cold. It's Alaskan cold! We haven't seen above zero degrees Fahrenheit in the past four days. Of course when I don't have auto start on my car. Hubster gets the nice warm car rides every day. 

3. I'm trying to adjust to different personalities at school. I'm more of an introvert and like to keep to myself. Well for my Biology lab, we sit at tables of four and we're all partners. Well none of them get me as a person. None of them know how to deal with sarcasm. It's sad, really.

4. Sending out good vibes for Hubster. He has an interview today and an interview tomorrow. 

5. Scored a 90% of my first Biology quiz. I missed one! I'm waiting to get them back before I find out which one I got wrong. It's really bugging me. 

6. I've been taking Raspberry Ketones for energy and hopefully some help to start shedding a little bit of weight. I've been feeling really good, but the one thing I'm having a hard time dealing with is gas. It's not on the stinky side, but it is rather loud. No more squeaking one during lecture or at work...there's no hiding the sound!

7. I forgot what sleep felt like.

8. If Hubster gets the job at the VA, I'm going to work one day less. Please get the VA job!!!!

9. I got a Moleskine daily planner and let me tell ya, it is badass!!! I've never fell in love with a planner like I have this one. It has a whole page dedicated to each day and it's hardback and an orange/red color. I love it!!

10. ****FART!!!!****

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Jan 21, 2013


Well I seemed to have survived my first week of college. I don't know how I managed with work, homework, and trying to sleep while taking care of a household, but I did it.
Am I tired?

I haven't been in school in over ten years so it was quite a shock going back. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing half the time, but I'm finding my groove.
The classes I'm taking are great! I love all of my professors....so far (ask me in a few weeks if I still love them).

So for this semester, I'm taking three classes. I'm taking Intercultural Communications, Biology, and Writing and Research Skills. I would have loved to have taken a different English class, but I tested too high to take it. The Writing and Research Skills class seems really intimidating, but I'm hoping the professor is as great as everyone is saying. By the end of the semester, I have to have a 22 page research paper done. I'm stressing just thinking about it!

Hubster finally has two interviews this week and he's excited as well as myself. One of the interviews is for a job he REALLY wants and is at the VA Hospital. I really hope he gets it!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sure. If he gets that job, I'm definitely dropping two days at work and going to three days. I could definitely use the extra days to do homework and study.

Hopefully I will find my groove with work, school, family, and most importantly...sleep.
Wish me luck!

Have a great Monday Blogarinos!
Jan 14, 2013


I can't believe that I'm going to be a college student tomorrow.
I'm so nervous.
I haven't been to school in over ten years, I forgot everything!
I'm lucky enough to be taking some great courses this semester an I have an awesome advisor.
I'm only taking three classes to start out. They are Biology, Intercultural Communications, and Writing & Research.
I'm just so nervous because In order to be accepted into the nursing program, you have to keep your overall GPA above a 3.4.
I'll be working my butt off to keep my grades high enough...I hope.

Some people....

...are just too ghetto. It amazes me.

Someone had the nerve of stealing my wiper blades off of Flo while I was working. I went to use them after getting off work and heard the horrible noise. Thank goodness there's a Walmart across the street.

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Jan 11, 2013

Review: Firmoo Eyewear

***All statements are my own opinion. I was not paid to do this review, but I was given a product to review. My opinion is completely my own and not persuaded anyway.***

I always hated wearing glasses when I was younger. I couldn't wait until the day I got to go to the optometrist and get fitted for contacts. Oh how I loved my mother then! 
Kids can be so mean growing up when you're the kid who has to wear big ugly glasses when your parents don't have a lot of money. As I've gotten older, my body has changed and I can't quite wear the contacts as long as I used to. Usually by hour seven or eight, my eyes are screaming at me to take out the contacts so I've gone back to wearing the glasses. 

Four years ago, when I got a new pair of glasses, Hubster helped me pick out a pair. He found a really cute purple pair that I fell in love with. 
I was just thinking the other day that I need to look into getting a new pair. Don't get me wrong, I love my purple glasses, but it was time for a little change. 
That's when I was contacted by email to review a pair of glasses. Perfect time, huh? 

I was contacted by a company called Firmoo

Firmoo, like the logo says, is an online optical store. You get to browse tons of different glasses (prescription or not) and even sunglasses! 
They have various different materials as well. I chose memory plastic. I like the feel of the plastic instead of the metal. They are extremely light weight as well. 

When I was contacted, I was told to pick my frames and enter my eye prescription. It was easy and effortless. You do need to know your entire prescription and that can be a little tricky. You have to know the astigmatism, the axis, etc. If you're not sure, do not guess. Just contact your optometrist and get your exact prescription they have on file for you. 

So without further anticipations, I'll introduce you to my new glasses. You can see them HERE on the site.

 How fun-looking are these?

I love the shape of these glasses!

After being contacted and finding out I would be reviewing a pair of glasses, I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, but I was pleasantly surprised! These glasses are durable, light-weight, and so fun looking. 
The lenses are nice and clean very well which is really important to me. I hate cleaning the lenses and just having them smear and streak. 

I absolutely love, love, love wearing these glasses. I've gotten so many compliments on them and have been asked 100 times where I've gotten them. 

This is where the fun parts come!

Firmoo wants to introduce their Free First Pair Program. By clicking HERE you will be taken to a page where you can choose a pair of glasses for FREE, just pay shipping and handling. You'll find that the prices are great and the choices are almost endless. You could have many different pairs. One for every outfit if you wanted! 

Happy shopping Blogarinos!
Jan 10, 2013

This time last year

I was thinking back on the past year and it's amazing how much has changed.
This time last year, I put in my resignation letter to my employer at the hospital. I was a supervisor and I knew it was going to take them a long time to find a replacement and for me to train the new person.
As I was writing the letter, I couldn't believe it was actually coming true. We are moving out of state! It always felt like wishful thinking when we decided to make the move, but this made it so real.
I still can't believe we trekked the 3,200 miles still to this day. I sometimes forget I'm not in Alaska anymore.
I'm so excited for the changes in the next year.
What were you doing this time last year?
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Jan 5, 2013

Six Word Saturday

I'm so nervous school starts soon.
I went to the bookstore and finally got all the books and supplies I needed for my first semester.
I'm so nervous. I haven't been to school in so long.
Any suggestions on supplies that helped you stay organized?
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Jan 3, 2013

Random Thursday

I love music.
I love all kinds of music.
Some more than others.
I can do without the rap crap all freaking day, but there are some days a girl has to get low, low, low, low.

I'm such a 90's girl.
I love everything 90's.
Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind, TLC, oh the list goes on!!!

All time favorite that I can listen to forever and ever?
Hello Stephan Jenkins!!!!

Also, you have to have this one from TLC...

I wish I was able to see these groups in concert, but one of my favorite concerts I went to was Creed. They had 3 Doors Down open for them when they weren't quite that popular, but I loved them! 

What is some of the music you never get tired of?

Jan 2, 2013

Things at work I find amusing

Working at a hotel has some extremely funny moments.
I work with a great group of people so work is actually fun.
Here are a few things at work that I found amusing.

I had no idea poinsettia plants bled white stuff when injured.

Poor poinsettia

Every time I do hall checks, I think of Redrum and wait to see the twins at the end of the hallway. I hate hall checks.

Funny story with this. Someone left a bag on the counter and ran off. He was gone for 20 min so after looking in the bag we found a box. The only thing. Everyone thought it was a bomb or anthrax so we opened the box. It was a turtle! The guy later came back and asked if we had his turtles. He was having car trouble and didn't want him to die since it's so cold. He should have said something! 

Those are just a few gems. 
Happy Hump Day everyone! 
I am enjoying a lovely three days off!

Jan 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. So happy for the new year. Holidays are finally over for awhile!!

2. Working in a hotel makes me value the housekeeping in all hotels more. Their job sucks and I wish I could help them out more.

3. What the fuck is wrong with people?! I would never behave like a fucking 2 year old and throw a tantrum at the front desk over someone spilling syrup in the elevator.

4. Other than the dummies that come to the hotel, I really like my job.

5. I heart Flo. I'm so glad I bought her.

6. I'm excited about the three days I have off from work. Working eight days in a row blows.

7. Hubster is still looking for work. I didn't think it was going to be this hard for him to find work. It's so frustrating.

8. I feel jilted by a Blogger's Holiday Swap.

9. I knock on wood every day that I don't get the nasty germs everyone has this winter. I usually get the flu shot since working at a hospital in the past, but I didn't this year. *Knocks on wood as I type this*.

10. New word for the year is change. I'm working on so many changes this year. All positive. I'm excited for this year.

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