Jan 23, 2013


I have decided to make a commitment. I'm not usually the committing type (I still have no idea how I got married), but I have decided enough is enough already.

I've decided to commit to healthier eating.
I've secretly been doing it for two weeks now and I can say that I'm feeling great.
Now if only I can get more sleep....but that's a whole other thing.

I've been drinking a protein shake in the morning on my way to class or work, eating a healthy bar mid-morning so I don't starve to death, eating a nice veggie packed lunch, and a really nice dinner. Usually something baked or grilled with some nice steamed veggies.

I've been pretty good staying away from a bunch of treats although I do let myself have one or two small pieces of chocolate a week. Hey, I'm not perfect.

Anywho, this is the kind of lunches I've been packing.

I want to eat it now!

Happy Wednesday Blogarinos!


Lin said...

I'm good with eating healthy if someone makes me the food. There's just something about putting together a salad, even if it's loaded with goodies, that just doesnt make it taste as good if I made it haha. Good for you though, this is great.

Keep it up :)

JJ said...

that look so good!

Good for you for eating healthier.

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