Jan 21, 2013


Well I seemed to have survived my first week of college. I don't know how I managed with work, homework, and trying to sleep while taking care of a household, but I did it.
Am I tired?

I haven't been in school in over ten years so it was quite a shock going back. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing half the time, but I'm finding my groove.
The classes I'm taking are great! I love all of my professors....so far (ask me in a few weeks if I still love them).

So for this semester, I'm taking three classes. I'm taking Intercultural Communications, Biology, and Writing and Research Skills. I would have loved to have taken a different English class, but I tested too high to take it. The Writing and Research Skills class seems really intimidating, but I'm hoping the professor is as great as everyone is saying. By the end of the semester, I have to have a 22 page research paper done. I'm stressing just thinking about it!

Hubster finally has two interviews this week and he's excited as well as myself. One of the interviews is for a job he REALLY wants and is at the VA Hospital. I really hope he gets it!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sure. If he gets that job, I'm definitely dropping two days at work and going to three days. I could definitely use the extra days to do homework and study.

Hopefully I will find my groove with work, school, family, and most importantly...sleep.
Wish me luck!

Have a great Monday Blogarinos!


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