Jan 3, 2013

Random Thursday

I love music.
I love all kinds of music.
Some more than others.
I can do without the rap crap all freaking day, but there are some days a girl has to get low, low, low, low.

I'm such a 90's girl.
I love everything 90's.
Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind, TLC, oh the list goes on!!!

All time favorite that I can listen to forever and ever?
Hello Stephan Jenkins!!!!

Also, you have to have this one from TLC...

I wish I was able to see these groups in concert, but one of my favorite concerts I went to was Creed. They had 3 Doors Down open for them when they weren't quite that popular, but I loved them! 

What is some of the music you never get tired of?


Lin said...

To this day I still rock the 90s music in my car. My younger brother was driving with me the other day & he's like 'why are we listening to oldies?' Can you believe that shit, 90s music is OLD? Crazy. And I refuse to believe it haha.

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