Jan 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. So happy for the new year. Holidays are finally over for awhile!!

2. Working in a hotel makes me value the housekeeping in all hotels more. Their job sucks and I wish I could help them out more.

3. What the fuck is wrong with people?! I would never behave like a fucking 2 year old and throw a tantrum at the front desk over someone spilling syrup in the elevator.

4. Other than the dummies that come to the hotel, I really like my job.

5. I heart Flo. I'm so glad I bought her.

6. I'm excited about the three days I have off from work. Working eight days in a row blows.

7. Hubster is still looking for work. I didn't think it was going to be this hard for him to find work. It's so frustrating.

8. I feel jilted by a Blogger's Holiday Swap.

9. I knock on wood every day that I don't get the nasty germs everyone has this winter. I usually get the flu shot since working at a hospital in the past, but I didn't this year. *Knocks on wood as I type this*.

10. New word for the year is change. I'm working on so many changes this year. All positive. I'm excited for this year.

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Lin said...

1. Couldnt agree with you more.
2. True dat. Housekeeping has it tough. Cleaning up after strangers is a bitch. I always thank them when I see them & make sure to leave a tip, even if it's small.
3. Ridiculous
4. Yay!
5. Yay, again.
6. 8 days in a row? How are you not dead...you poor thing.
7. I think there's a stigma behind men not working while their wife does & it's complete bullshit. I feel bad for your hubs, mine went through it for 3 years & tt made our marriage tough cause he felt belittled. Eventually it all worked out but I pray that it doesnt take that long for your hubs.
8. Oh no.
10. Keep up the positive attitude, you can do it!

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