Jan 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. I wish I had a minion to do all the stuff I can never find time to do anymore. I haven't painted my nails or taken the old, chipped polish off of my nails in a really long time. It's looking bad.

2. It is so cold. It's Alaskan cold! We haven't seen above zero degrees Fahrenheit in the past four days. Of course when I don't have auto start on my car. Hubster gets the nice warm car rides every day. 

3. I'm trying to adjust to different personalities at school. I'm more of an introvert and like to keep to myself. Well for my Biology lab, we sit at tables of four and we're all partners. Well none of them get me as a person. None of them know how to deal with sarcasm. It's sad, really.

4. Sending out good vibes for Hubster. He has an interview today and an interview tomorrow. 

5. Scored a 90% of my first Biology quiz. I missed one! I'm waiting to get them back before I find out which one I got wrong. It's really bugging me. 

6. I've been taking Raspberry Ketones for energy and hopefully some help to start shedding a little bit of weight. I've been feeling really good, but the one thing I'm having a hard time dealing with is gas. It's not on the stinky side, but it is rather loud. No more squeaking one during lecture or at work...there's no hiding the sound!

7. I forgot what sleep felt like.

8. If Hubster gets the job at the VA, I'm going to work one day less. Please get the VA job!!!!

9. I got a Moleskine daily planner and let me tell ya, it is badass!!! I've never fell in love with a planner like I have this one. It has a whole page dedicated to each day and it's hardback and an orange/red color. I love it!!

10. ****FART!!!!****

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Lin said...

1. I heard that. My toes have been half painted for months & months.
2. The cold sucks. For real. Dont know how people go without butt warmers in their cars.
3. Introvert is my middle name. It's such a shame when someone doesnt get sarcasm...such a damn shame.
4. Good luck to him!
5. That's so great. Congratulations.
6. Bahaha! Farts always make me laugh. Seriously though, that sucks. Im sorry. Im a tooter when I eat chili beans. Blargh.
8. No wonder you're asking for all those good vibes haha.
9. Ooh fancy.
10. Oh my fucking gawd, I literally just laughed out loud for this. Hilarious!

Amber Watson said...

1. I need a minion. I want one of the cute ones with one eye from Despicable Me. CJ used to be my minion, but now he knows better haha
3. I cannot stand people that have NO sarcasm skills. It seriously kills me. I want to be like "get that giant stick out of your ass!". I'd say that and they'd think I was being sarcastic then...
6. OMG...that his hilarious! I'm stealing this!
10. FART!!!! Hahaha I love farts. I think they are hilarious and every time one is busted, I laugh so hard that I'm usually blamed haha I can't help it. I think farts and most bodily functions are hilarious...

I think we need to be BFFs haha

Thanks for posting!

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