Jan 2, 2013

Things at work I find amusing

Working at a hotel has some extremely funny moments.
I work with a great group of people so work is actually fun.
Here are a few things at work that I found amusing.

I had no idea poinsettia plants bled white stuff when injured.

Poor poinsettia

Every time I do hall checks, I think of Redrum and wait to see the twins at the end of the hallway. I hate hall checks.

Funny story with this. Someone left a bag on the counter and ran off. He was gone for 20 min so after looking in the bag we found a box. The only thing. Everyone thought it was a bomb or anthrax so we opened the box. It was a turtle! The guy later came back and asked if we had his turtles. He was having car trouble and didn't want him to die since it's so cold. He should have said something! 

Those are just a few gems. 
Happy Hump Day everyone! 
I am enjoying a lovely three days off!


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