Feb 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. I didn't realize going to school was going to be this tiring. I don't have enough time for anything! 
2. I'm sitting here writing this at 7:00 am Monday morning when I should be sleeping. I finally have a three day weekend to myself with no school or work and I'm up at a crack of dawn because my body is so used to sleeping only five hours a night. FML!
3. I'm pretty disappointed with the people in Minnesota. It snows two inches and they call snow emergencies. Schools close, they want all vehicles off the road, and everyone bitches. GET OVER IT! It would snow a foot in Alaska, no plow, no salt, no school closings. It's just how it is. Quit yer bitchin' people.
4. Poor Cosmo. I've been neglecting him since I've had so much homework. The other night, he actually climbed up the shelves on my desk and sat on my book and demanded snuggles. I lovers him to pieces.
5. If this were only true.

6. Say a little prayer for Hubster's family. In the village of Kake, Alaska, a 13 year old girl was murdered and they are still investigating the death. She's a cousin of the family. My heart breaks for the family. Every night I light this candle for her and say a prayer for the family. Original story is HERE.

7. My lab partner for Biology is on my last fucking nerve. She comes to class every day and is eating some sort of smelly thing and she eats with her mouth open and talks to me. She sits across from me food spills out of her mouth as she is chewing and it's fucking disgusting. I'm about to karate chop her in the throat. I just may if she comes in Friday doing it. I can't take it much longer.

8. Another thing...what ever happened to walking properly? When did people get so lazy like they have cement blocks tied to their feet and lost the ability to actually pick up their feet while walking? I'm so tired of hearing the scuffing and dragging of feet. It's obnoxious. 
9. I can't believe I'm awake at 7:00 am on my day off. Craving hummus of all things.
10. I don't care who the hell you are. Even if you hate this song, this video is epic. Yeah, I said epic.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!


Amber Watson said...

1. School is a beast. On top of my kid, planning weddian done withngs for friends and volunteer work, I'm more than wishing for more hours in the day!

5. I wish that were real too...

Thanks for linking up!

Lin said...

1. Ick. I have a hard enough time trying to make time for fun stuff after work, can't even imagine how you do it.
2. You're nuts girl. Get some rest when you can.
4. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! I want a dog :(
5. Word. Can't stand that turd.
7. What a damn slob. You should seriously karate chop her in the throat next time.

I'm late on commenting but loved your 10. Thanks for linking!

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