Feb 21, 2013

Random Thursday: Ridiculous Fears

This topic is rather fitting for me.
Being over taken with anxiety and fear, I have plenty of ridiculous fears.
I know they are ridiculous, yet my mind won't let me comprehend it.
Instead, it makes it worse and my brain goes on and on and on and on and on about something so stupid until I'm having a full on panic attack.

So here's the list! (in bullets of course!)
  • Driving on the freeway and my car having a mind of it's own and throwing me into a ditch, another car, or through the concrete and over into a bridge.
  • All animals becoming rabid and killing everyone.
  • Poltergeists invading my home.
  • Clowns.
  • Dolls coming alive to kill me.
  • Pandemic sickness infecting everyone slowly and killing them off.
  • Having someone break into my home and murder me.
This is only a short few that I can think of at the top of my head, but there's many more. I always panic about something ridiculous through the day. 

Happy 'fearless' Thursday!


Lin said...

Animals going crazy & scratching your eyeballs out is the exact reason I steer clear of cats. Those fuckers can be vicious with their giant nails.

meg m said...

ahh your blog is too freaking cute!!
anndd I can relate to all of these fears! I especially hate coming home to an empty house, I used to check the closets!
and the car thing, I think my wheel is going to fall off or something stupid.
thanks so much for linking up!

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