Mar 7, 2013

Random Thursday

I didn't have very many fabulous childhood memories. 
We didn't visit any parks or Disney World or anything of the such, but there's one memory that sticks out. 

Meet Wonder Woman and Slimer, aka, my little brother and me. 
I think I was seven or eight and my little brother was five or six. This was one of the best Halloween's ever! 
I was living in this small town called Yellow Springs, Ohio and my mom was quite the crafty person. She made both of these costumes with bare hands and was so proud of it. 
I remember her smiling after every one complimented on our costumes. 
I also remember we got a ton of candy that year. 
Oh to be nine again!!


Katrin said...

Oh, I love this! So cute! And yay for Ohio!

Martha Woods said...

Great costumes! The homemade kind are the best.

meg m said...

these are awesome!! homemade costumes are always the best!
thanks for linking up :)

Lin said...

Bahaha, those costumes are classic! I used to prance around pretending to be Wonder Woman with a damn lasso attached to my hip...what a nerd.

While reading your post the hubs yelled "dude, that Slimer costume is SO rad!". Thanks for linking up with us.

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