Mar 14, 2013

Random Thursday

Oh my favorite.
I have a lot so bare with me.

1. When people chew like a freaking cow. Hello?! Have you looked in the mirror while you eat? It's disgusting.

2. People who smack when they eat. OMFG LEARN TO CHEW!

3. When someone drags their feet. We're not cavemen people. Unless you have an old 'nam injury, a stroke, or a bum leg, pick up your feet when walk and wear lighter shoes.

4. People who try to one-up you all the time. Just shut up and let me tell you my story.

5. People who play the race card when they don't get their way. No it's not because I'm white, it's because you're a moron.

6. When someone is so needy, but when you need something, they disappear.

7. The words "um", "like", "yeah, totally", and "ya'know?" multiple times in a sentence. You sound studid.

8. AT&T's service. I live in Minneapolis, MN and the nearest 4G tower is in Mankato or Minnetonka. Are you serious????? I lived in BFE Alaska and had 4G service.

9. The fact that my mail lady thinks she has the right to cut across my lawn to deliver the mail. I have a perfectly plowed, shoveled, and ice-free driveway, yet you leave me nasty letters in the mail about how I need to shovel a path for you across my lawn.

10. The neighbors that let their dog poop in my yard and walk on by...right in front of me.

I better stop because I could go on forever!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Katrin said...

I agree! I don't want to see people chew with their mouth open. It is so disgusting!

M. said...

Such good ones! Tempted to go back and amend my list... Number 4. Definitely. And 9 - seriously?? She leaves you LETTERS? I'd take the letter to her supervisor and complain about her. It's bad enough that she cuts across your lawn, but if she's nasty about it that's crossing the line. Or maybe I'm just a bitch. But either way, I wouldn't stand for it! Thanks for linking up with us!

Lin said...

The hubs has this friend who's wife has to constantly one-up you. She's super nice but I could slap that girl in the face every time she interrupts to tell me how she's done that way better or been there like a billions times more. Grr.

I dont know if it's because I'm of mexican descent but no one's ever played the race card with me; my husband's a total different story though cause dude is straight up picturesque white-boy. He says people are constantly telling him how he gets more of everything out of life because he's "white", which of course he then tells them theyre fucking morons & they'd get more out of life too if they got off their lazy ass every now and then haha. And as far as the dog poop goes, you should pick that shit up with a shovel, prance over to their lawn & dump it there. You know, like they're dog did on yours :)

-Haylie :) said...

1, 2, 3, and 4 I totally agree with!!! Ah!

Meghan said...

4&5 drive me nuts!!!

meg m said...

love all of these!
can't believe the mail lady one? bitch much.
we have bad service where I live too. so frustrating.
loved number 3 haha
thanks for linking up!

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