Mar 17, 2013


This is how I have felt at work for the past few weekends I have worked.
I work for a hotel in my town.
It is very popular because we're close to the Mall of America.
It's not a five star hotel, but we have great guests that come in regularly and stay for business and quite a few that stay with us multiple times a year for pleasure trips to the Twin Cities.
Our only downfall?
We accept cash payers.
We always get walk-ins every weekend that are just disgusting and treat you like complete shit.
Usually people that only know how to call other people names like "bitch", "ho", or "dumb bitch" when they address you.
We also get the scammers that try to come in and stay multiple days, then claim they have been sleeping with bed bugs and demand a refund after they blew all of their money on a hotel and booze.
These are also the same people that want the shuttle to take them everywhere around town and even into the cities. When you explain to them we only take people to the mall and to the airport, they stand and argue and call you names in front of a full lobby of people and you're left standing there behind the desk trying to keep your cool before knock the shit out of someone.
I cannot people like that!!!!
This weekend has really tested my nerves.
I almost went off on quite a few people that have come into my lobby.
I just keep remembering....I cannot afford to go to jail this week!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I will once today is over and I have the next four days off of work!
School is back in session on Tuesday and I have to get a bunch of studying done.


Big Fat Gini said...

I think everyone should work customer service at least once in their lives. It sucks.

Kudos to hotel staff, though. Seriously. We stayed in a really nice hotel last weekend for a wedding and the girls at the front desk were so sweet. They probably let us break all kinds of rules, but they didn't mind that we sat out by the pool until 2:00 am. But, we were nice about it so I guess maybe that's the difference.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lin said...

Oomph, sounds horrid. Kudos to you for not hucking something at those horrid people. I'm always super nice to hotel staff cause well, they'll make your stay hell if you dont haha.

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