Mar 9, 2013

Six Word Saturdy

Happy I survived my first week.

I decided to go Paleo as a last ditch effort. 
I haven't found a healthy relationship with food any other way and really wanted to cut out certain things to help with my PCOS. 
I have survived an entire week, already feeling a little better, and enjoying the food I get to eat. 
I am missing the Diet Coke, glasses of milk, and my cheese, but maybe we'll see each other again the far, far, far future I hope. 
I've already started losing some water weight and I'm not feeling so bloated. 
I feel different about dieting this time. 
I've been wanting to change for awhile. 
It started with wanting to stop smoking. That was my biggest challenge so far. 
Now that I've been successful four months and haven't thought about lighting up again, I feel as though I can conquer anything! 

Happy Six Week Saturday! 


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Katrin said...

Oh, I would miss Dr. Pepper so much. But I should try to stop too!

JJ said...

Its hard at first to give up diet coke. It does get easier. I gave up soda all last year. I lost a decent amount of weight on it, and I felt so much better.

Keep up the good work girl!

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