Mar 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I know I'm really late, but pft. I did it! 

1. Why is it that every effin' snow fall, they have to name it Winter Storm _________???? They are all pretty stupid names too. Winter Storm Saturn just made its presence known in Minnesota. 

2. Today was a snow day. Unheard of for college students, but I go to a commuter school so yay for that! 

3. Instead of doing homework, I shoveled....sort of. 

4. My cousin's wife finally gave birth to the twins...a boy and a girl. The little boy has a chest tube to help him breathe and they both have feeding tubes. The little girl is unable to keep her body temperature up on her own, so she's in an incubator. Send good vibes, thoughts, prayers, mojo, or anything you do to these little babies.

5. Why is it that there are little bitch babies everywhere I work? Why is everyone pulling the "Well so and so does it too!" when they get in trouble? Why does everyone feel the need to tell everyone else everyone's business. I'm so done with it all! 

6. I can't believe Spring Break is next week. 

7. I got crafty at work.

8. This makes me laugh my ass off for some reason. 

9. Someone got to get out and see the town when we had a pretty warm day. 

10. I started the Paleo Diet four days ago. I would murder for a taste of bread or some cheese. So don't get too close with your lunch! 


Lin said...

2. Wow that's a lot of snow. I'm getting the chills just looking at it haha.
3. Haha
4. Aw, they're adorable. They're definitely in my thoughts.
5. Ugh I hate people like this. Its like take it like a grown up & stop bitching about everyone else.
6. Spring break, what is that? haha
7. Reminds me of being in elementary school. Super cute.
8. Oh my gawd, that's hilarious! Seriously, I havent stopped laughing for like 5 minutes straight.

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