Mar 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. School starts today. Spring break was not long enough. At.All.

2. I did spend my Spring Break wisely. I made flashcards for my Biology class so I could study while at work.

3. Nothing like getting hit by another hotel shuttle driver going 70 mph who pulls out in front of you while you're on the way to the airport to pick up hotel guests.

4. Someone clearly did not like seeing her breasteses.

5. You definitely need to learn to clean a little better if this happens. If you have some problems reaching back there and doing it yourself, get someone to help you. 

6. I can't believe some co-workers of mine still have a job after the dumb shit they are pulling. I tried to call out of my shift due to a huge migraine and having the shits, but my manager said no, not unless I could find someone to replace me. Well no one would, so I had to go in. Other people get to do whatever the hell they want and not come in, yet they still get full time hours.

7. I never noticed this until I got bored waiting for the elevator while doing my hourly walks around the hallways, but someone needs to get a refund and change the signs next to the elevator.

8. I can't believe I have eight more weeks of school before my first semester is over. Unbelievable. 

9. I cheated on my diet the other day because doesn't hurt to slip every once in awhile! But I'm regretting it. My bowels have been hating me. I will not be eating any bread for a very long time. 

10. I'm ready for Spring. It snowed again yesterday and I'm about fed up with all this wintery shit. BRING ON THE HOT TEMPS AGAIN! 

Happy Tuesday everyone :)


Martha Woods said...

I hear you on workplace drama...makes you want to slap some people!!

Katrin said...

Haha, # 4 and 5 are hilarious!

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