Mar 27, 2013

Ten on Wednesday

I'm fashionably late! 

1. I have been so freaking busy with my damn writing class. I'm so done with this fucking project.

2. I'm going to be a freaking genie-ass about breast cancer and heart disease when I'm done with this research paper. 

3. I scored another A on my Biology exam. Hallelujer! 

4. With all the crazy stuff going on, this keeps me laughing. 

5. I absolutely love Postcrossing because I get to travel the world without buying the expensive airfare. I love getting neat little tidbits about where people live. I'm starting to get a nice pile going on.

6. I've been trying to find things to snack on with Paleo and something to curb my chocolate cravings, so I tried paleo-friendly pudding. Next time, I'm using something other than coconut milk. 

7. I'd kill for a Diet Coke right now. 

8. I can't believe I have a little over 30 days before I can get my research paper written. I'm not ready and my attention deficit is kicking in all the time. 

9. I can't wait until it starts to warm up. Supposedly it's going to the in the 50's this weekend. Of course I have to work, but at least it'll be warm! 

10. I found out that I have to take classes this summer in order to apply for nursing school on time. There goes my summer!! 


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