Mar 20, 2013


I am just so sick to my stomach.
Not the kind of sick to the stomach where you can take medicine to fix...
Today I was out running around with my SiL and my nephew. I went to grab something out of my pocket and it snagged on the inside. I thought that was weird so I looked to see what was causing the snagging.
That's when I saw it.

The diamond had fallen out of my ring!!!
I am completely devastated.
I felt awful when I told Hubster.
He told me it would be ok, that he would eventually get me a new one, but I still feel bad.
My finger feels so naked with just the band.


Britney Snyder said...

Oh NO! I hope you find it!

Britney Snyder said...

or can get another diamond. EEEEk

Mary A. Knight said...

OMG, that makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I dropped my ring in a friend's pool once and almost broke down. All someone had to do was grab it from the bottom, but still, it can be traumatizing.

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