Apr 24, 2013

Getting proactive

I'm getting proactive about my health as of late.
I want to lose weight.
I want to battle this wretched PCOS.
I want to get healthier.
I want a baby.

I finally got insurance after being without for over five years and saw an OB/GYN.
She's a wonderful doctor and I like her a lot.
We went over my history, my mother's history of endometriosis and breast cancer, and all of my concerns.
She even listened to me about my wants and gave me the answers to all the questions I've had for so long.

I had blood drawn while I was there to check for diabetes, cholesterol, and hormone levels.
Also, she put me on the dreadful Metformin.
I took Metformin a few years back and got so sick from it.
The doctor told me that the reason I had so many problems with it was because when I was on it before, I was on the extended release version.
This time, I'm on the regular Metformin. 500 mgs a day for 2 weeks, then 1000 mgs a day for another 2 weeks, than up to 1500 mgs a day.

The doctor got back to me about my blood levels and wants me to see an endocrinologist so that's who I'm going to see in the next three weeks.

I'm just glad to be getting my health prioritized and getting more proactive about my health.


Britney Snyder said...

I am glad you got insurance and getting to your doctor and getting everything figured out. I hate that PCOS. i will hopefully find answers for myself over the summer.

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