Apr 4, 2013

Random Thursday: A Day in the Life...

It's that time of the week again!
I had fun with this week's topic.

 Today is a school day, so I documented in pictures what a day in my life is like at school.

I start my commute around 8:30ish in the morning.
I like to listen to 101.3 KDWB in the morning. They have the BEST morning show ever!!! If you want to check it out, they are on iHeart Radio as well under The Dave Ryan Morning Show. HILARIOUS!

For some reason, I always get stuck behind semi trucks. They piss me off!

It's like clockwork. The UPS home must be up the road from this intersection because every morning, there's a herd of UPS trucks filing out.

I finally arrive at school for my first class.

 My first class is in the Liberal Arts building on campus. It's Intercultural Communications which is my favorite class so far.
Afterwards, it's a short walk to my Biology class.
We're learning parts of the cell now.

After Biology class, I have 2.5 hours before my writing class so I usually pack a protein bar and head to the library.
This is where I work on the research for my paper....or play Candy Crush Saga as well as charge my phone.

After the nice 2.5 hour break of nothing, it's finally off to my writing class.

Today's class assignment was to list everywhere writing would be. 

My writing class usually goes until 5pm, but the professor was nice and let us out early!
 Flo...being all cold and lonely. 

I now start my commute home.

 It's kind of hard to see, but it's Yankee Doodle Rd. I freaking love this name!

Once I'm over the bridge, I'm home!

After I get home, I play a little bit with my nephew.
Spend some time with Cosmo.
Then it's study time...until I pass out.

So there it is...a day in the life of a college student!
Have a happy Thursday everyone!


Britney Snyder said...

Sounded like a busy day!!!
I liked reading this and seeing how your day was like, interesting :)
haha I play candy crush too :)

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