Apr 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: Picture edition

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I have been so busy writing a paper for my Writing and Research class, being sick, celebrating my 30th birthday, and working extra hours.
So this week I will be doing ten pictures.

1. This is how I've been feeling lately when I get in my car. I don't know if it's from all the extra bloating or if my boobs are getting bigger....like they can get any bigger.

2. I am so freaking sick and tired of snow! We are 7 days away from May and we got another nine inches of snow last night. Are you effing kidding me?!? I moved from Alaska to get away from this crap. 
Go home winter, you're drunk!!

3. Remember when I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring? Well Hubster got me a replacement for my birthday. I heart it so much!

4. This is how I feel after 2 weeks without having a day off from work or school. My manager put me on a few more shifts during the week without asking and I hate it.

 5. Exactly!

6. I just don't care about anything right now other than finishing my paper and getting through the last three weeks of the semester.

7. Some people are just taking things too literally lately.

8. Because we all have our sexy as hell moments, we just have to stop and take a pic of that shit.

9. I deserve a freaking award! Everyone has just been getting on my last nerve lately.
 10. If it's not, I'm totally doing it to my lab partner. She always comes to class with stank breath and wants to make sure emphasizes all of her words wafting the stench to my direction.

Well there you have it Blogarinos. 
Have a happy Tuesday! 
I'm getting back to writing my paper. 


Britney Snyder said...

Happy Tuesday Nikki :)
I am glad to hear you got a new diamond for your birthday, thats pretty awesome!
I hope the snow goes away for ya and SOOOOON

Katrin said...

Haha, I often feel like #9 too!

Martha Woods said...

I love that pedestal pic.

What if I DID stab someone with a fork, but it was only the cheapie plastic picnic kind, so it didn't do a lot of damage? Do I get a mini-award?

I hope it stops snowing for you soon! And also that you get a break from work!!

sunshine said...

LOL, love all your pics, but specially the last one, feel like doing that to customers sometimes!

New follower ;)

Lin said...

1. Oh my, those jugs are huge.
2. Wow, people are still getting snow? Sometimes I forget that the hot weather hasnt hit the entire US yet. Doh!
3. That was so nice of him.
5. Haha, yes, exactly.
8. I've never ever had that sexy moment in the cheese isle. One day, I guess.

Thanks for linking up this week!

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