Apr 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I can't believe it's Tuesday again.
Time is flying by!!!

1. I'm currently writing this during my lunch break in the cafeteria at school where I'm watching a bunch of grown men playing some kind of card game with super powers, villians, etc. Something like Dungeons and Dragons. I had no idea that still existed!

2. I'm trying not to freak out because in exactly 2 hours (which is when my next class is scheduled), I will finally be turning in my 20 page paper for my Writing and Research class. I'm so freaking nervous!!! I worked so hard on it and learned a lot about the media and health issues. I just hope it's good enough to get a decent grade. My professor seems like a hard ass and is extremely sarcastic (like me) so I hope I enlighten him with my paper. This was all new territory for me.

3. I've been taking Metformin for almost two weeks now and I'm dealing the symptoms pretty well, it just sucks feeling nauseous all the time and needed to go diarrhea every few hours.

4. I got rear-ended yesterday evening while I was sitting at a red light listening to music. I felt this huge jolt while jamming to my music and look in my rearview mirror to see a middle aged woman freak out. I motioned for her to pull over into a nearby parking lot to assess the damage. I looked at the back of my car and didn't see where she hit me. She ended up hitting my tow bar and a little paint transfer on the driver side. Nothing serious. There was more damage to her car so we exchanged information and went on our way.
Thank you tow hitch!!!!

5. I didn't think I got hurt until later when my body started to ache. My head kind of hurt and my back and shoulder. When I took a shower, I then saw why my shoulder and back hurt. I have a nasty bruise starting. That'll teach me to wear a seatbelt!

6. What the fuck happened to spring? 

7. I feel like finding Mother Nature's uterus and kicking it. I'm so done with this bipolar ass weather. I moved from Alaska to get away from this shit. I'd rather go back! 

8. Cosmo finally got a hair cut. This makes me so happy and I bet he feels a lot better. No more Chewbacca!

9. Cosmo is turning nine years old this summer and his joints are starting to bother him so Hubster and I went to Pet Smart and got him stairs so he doesn't have to jump up on the bed or off. He's loving them!

10. Now give him treats!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Martha Woods said...

Aw, your puppy is so cute! That's sweet that he likes his stairs. My mom has an older dog too and they had to fix up "her" sleep spots on the couch and bed so she can clamber up to them instead of jumping.

JJ said...

Cosmo looks sooo cute with his new do. I can't believe he's gonna be nine.

Katrin said...

Aww, your dog is the cutest! I am in love!

Lin said...

1. Bahaha! Nerds of the world bond over that freakin' game. Crazy.
2. 20 pages? Oy, that's a lot. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you.
3. That doesnt sound like fun...but at least it's working?
4. Glad it wasnt more serious.
6. That's some seriously crazy ass weather. Pick a steady temperature already mother nature.
8. Oh my gawd, what a damn cutie.

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