May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Still in Ohio.

2. Grampa is going a lot better. I'm really impressed.

3. I've been enjoying the river. It's beautiful there. It's in a little town called Utopia and it truly is utopia there.

4. This trip I also got to babysit my cousin's set of twins and they are freaking adorbs!
This is little Liam after a bottle.

5. I also got to hang with my cousin's older daughter, Makenna. She loves to tell stories.

6. Grampa still has an appointment tomorrow to get his belly drained. They are probably going to take off four liters.

7. Cosmo makes an awful country dog. He's too scared to pee when the bullfrogs come out and make noise.

8. I have been entertaining the idea of living in Ohio again. Maybe after school.

9. I'm not looking forward to the drive home. 12 hours in the car is not fun.

10. I wish I didn't have to work this weekend.

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lissa said...

cute kids! first visit here by way ten on tuesday.

hope you have a sweet day.

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