Jul 24, 2013

Good news!

After waiting two weeks...almost patiently, I finally got the phone call Hubster and I have been waiting for. 

We got the apartment!!! 

September 1st, Hubster and I will have our own place. 1130 square feet, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. I am so freaking excited! 

It has been a very hard year and a half dealing with my in-laws to save money to move to Minnesota, actually moving to Minnesota, adjusting to the move, and then keeping my sanity in a small house and dealing with my neurotic brother-in-law and his wife. 

I've been on Pinterest all day looking at ideas and went to IKEA to purchase a few items. 

Jul 23, 2013

10 on Tuesday

  1. I'm back!!! After a very long, much needed hiatus, I'm feeling better and glad to be back.

2. Hubster finally has a job! I'm really excited for him and glad to have the extra income, but it's not in the field he's certified in and I know he hates it, but he's glad to be working.

3. I have a summer cold. I've been suffering for two weeks now. How the fuck does someone get this sick in the summer time?!

4. I've been picking up extra hours at work. Work finally got the driving record from Alaska after seven months and I'm not able to drive shuttle for the hotel. It's nice because I can pick up shifts and the tips are nice. Plus, I get to see beautiful sights like this when I'm driving between terminals at MSP airport.

5. Classes are almost over for the summer and I'm ecstatic. I survived microbiology. I got an 89% which is a miracle to get in a 5 week course that shoves 14 weeks worth of information down your throat. I'm happy with the grade. Now I just wish Ethics was over already. I hate that class! I just need to hold out two more weeks.

6. Hubster and I applied for an apartment. Still waiting to hear back from them. It's almost been two weeks. They are done with my background check, but they are having a hard time with Hubster's. For some reason when they run his name and information, there's addresses that pop up for eleven different states. Hubster hasn't lived in any other state than Alaska and Minnesota. It's frustrating waiting! I want my own place.

7. I'm excited to have my mom down to visit in October. Zombie Pub Crawl 2013 here we come! Again!

8. If Mackelmore had a uterus.

9. Someone is angry with me. At least he doesn't stick anymore.

10. I'm tired of hearing about people being too hot. We had a week of 90 degree weather and people act like it's hell.


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