Jul 24, 2013

Good news!

After waiting two weeks...almost patiently, I finally got the phone call Hubster and I have been waiting for. 

We got the apartment!!! 

September 1st, Hubster and I will have our own place. 1130 square feet, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. I am so freaking excited! 

It has been a very hard year and a half dealing with my in-laws to save money to move to Minnesota, actually moving to Minnesota, adjusting to the move, and then keeping my sanity in a small house and dealing with my neurotic brother-in-law and his wife. 

I've been on Pinterest all day looking at ideas and went to IKEA to purchase a few items. 



JJ said...

Congrats on the new place! I couldn't imagine living with that many ppl under one roof.

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