Nov 15, 2013

I'm baaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!

Well hello there lovely blogarinos!
I must say, that I've missed every single one of you.
I have been so busy and ended up having a nervous breakdown so I took a little bloggy break, but I'm feeling so much better and ready to start writing again.

If you're friends with me on Facebook or Twitter, I've been keeping things up to date there.

For those of you not (well, you should be!), I have since last writing, moved into my own apartment with Hubster. We're finally out of my brother-in-law's house and we're doing very well. I had a lot of stresses with school, work, and dealing with everyone in the small house that I had a melt down. Hubster got a job and within a few months, we were out! I'm totally in love with my apartment. It's still close to work and school which is nice, and it's HUGE! It's a very spacious two-bedroom/two-bath apartment on THE GROUND FLOOR! What are the odds of that?!

With all of the excitement of moving, the in-laws flew down to Minnesota for my nephew's birthday and to hang out. They were here for almost three months...yeah. So we weren't out of the woods clearly regarding stress and dealing with their alcoholism. It was a loooooooooong three months. It was nice to see them when they were sober and they helped out a lot with getting necessities for our apartment, but three months of the drinking was really hard.

Also, since last posting, I am almost done with my fall semester. I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology 1, Lifespan Development, and the dreaded math. I only have three more classes to take before applying for nursing school. I'm so freaking excited and proud of myself for rocketing through all of my classes. I started out a semester behind everyone else, but was able to catch up and now I'm right on time. I'm just hoping I get accepted into the nursing program at the same campus I'm going to now. I love the campus and have heard all the professors rock.

Well I'm going to finish up some A&P homework. I have a huge exam on Tuesday and I'm going to be prepared for it!
I'm glad to be back and getting caught up on all of your lovely blogs.

Have a great weekend Blogarinos!


Megan said...

So good to see an update from you!

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