Nov 18, 2013

Mommer Goomer!

My lovely mom came to visit me last week and I had a blast. 

I took the weekend off of work and rearranged some class work and had a wonderful week with her. 

Besides her delicious cooking, we did a lot of taking and a lot of shopping! 

One of my mom's favorite things was going to the casino. 

I took her to Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN one evening. We had an awesome dinner at Meadows Bar and Grill in their nice hotel and then we hit the slots! 

She was trying to win a car for me 😜

None of struck big, but I came out even and so did my mom. It was a nice way to blow off five hours. 

Of course living in Alaska and especially spending 85% of your time on the north slope like my mom does, there aren't a great selection of stores to shop from so my mom loves going to the Mall of America when she's in town. My mom is also into hunting (ew!) and loves Sportsman's Guide, but it's so expensive to ship to Alaska. Well she found an outlet store for Sportsman's Guide in St. Paul, MN. Who knew?! 

We were in this store for HOURS looking at the discount hunting clothes for her and her boyfriend. 

She of course had me take a million pictures of clothes so she could email them to we boyfriend to see if he liked them or not because he wanted a new pair. 

People thought we were weird. 

And it's never a complete visit without some of my mom's home cooking. 

She's so short! 

I had a blast taking the time off from my busy schedule to spend time with one of my best friends. I can't wait to do it again!! 


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