Nov 29, 2013


This year, I've been thinking a lot and I have a lot to be thankful for. 
I'm thankful for: 

01. Quitting smoking and staying smoke-free for over a year. 
02. A job. 
03. Getting my GED. 
04. Enrolling in college. 
05. Being a semester away from the nursing program. 
06. A great husband who is hard working (even though he complains too much). 
07. Getting enough nerves to see a psychiatrist. 
08. Citalopram and Lorazapam. 
09. Therapy with Norma. 
10. My husbands parents who drive me insane, but help us when needed. 
11. A great mother who wasn't there at first, but acknowledges the wrong and is making everything right. 
12. Husband's brother for letting us stay with him and letting us get on our feet once we moved to Minnesota so we could be closer.  
13. Having a roof over my head. 
14. Husband and I having our own apartment. 
15. Great family. 
16. Awesome friends. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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