Mar 27, 2014


Grief is a funny thing.
It can make you do some crazy things.
Lately, I've been busting out in laughter, sometimes busting out in tears while taking a shower or watching a favorite television show of mine, or sometimes, just sitting quietly and reminiscing the good times.

March 6, 2014 I lost the most important man in my life. My grandfather died from a combination of liver failure and congestive heart failure.
I always knew the time was going to come, but it happened faster than the doctors had predicted. We had so many plans this summer.

He didn't get to hear that I was in fact accepted into nursing school last week, or was able to wait long enough for me to spend the summer with him since I didn't have any classes, or even able to say goodbye.

I'm going to miss our weekly conversations on my way to work from class, I'm going to miss the stories, the old man bitching, and hearing him say "Love you babygirl".

Miss you Grampa.


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