May 16, 2014

School's Out for Summer!

This is what I wanted to do with all of my papers from this past semester.
I'm so glad school is out and I don't have to take anymore classes until this fall!!!
What am I going to do with myself?????

Here's some of my plans for this summer.

  • Read 10 books. I've felt awful this past year because I've lost my hobby of reading. I have a few books that I've really wanted to read, but I need more suggestions. So suggest away!
  • Go to a few movies. There are a few co-workers of mine that I get along with and have a lot in common. We've made plans to go see a few movies. Definitely seeing Godzilla in IMAX next week!!! 
  • Go to a Minnesota Twins game. I have lived in Minnesota going on two years in the end of June, and I haven't been to a baseball game yet. Football, yes, but no baseball. 
  • Go to a concert. I miss concerts from when I lived in Ohio. Alaska never had any good concerts, so now that I'm back in the Lower 48, I need music in my earholes.
  • Sleep. I need to catch up on a year's worth of missed sleep. 
  • Clean my apartment. Enough said.
  • Decorate my balcony. I bought some really neat lights to hang on my balcony and a cute table and chair set. It's where I plan on doing all of my reading. 
Since being in school non-stop since January 2013, I've been missing out on a lot. I plan on making this summer fun before nursing school starts in the fall. 

What are your plans this summer?


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