May 30, 2014

Summer Bucket List - Item 1

As I blogged last time, classes are out for the summer and I planned on doing fun things for myself. One of the things listed on my Summer Bucket List is going to a Minnesota Twins baseball game.
Well May 16th was my brother-in-law's birthday and my father-in-law is in town vising from Anchorage, so we decided to hit up a baseball game.

We saw Minnesota Twins vs. Seattle Mariners.
I had a blast!
We took the light rail to downtown Minneapolis to Target Field and found our seats. They were really nice seats. Right behind first base so we got to see a lot of action.

I was impressed with the stadium. The seats were nice and comfy, and as you can see, the view was pretty good. I didn't have to zoom in to take pictures. 

Aaron got to enjoy his $9 beer. 

It was pretty cold that evening after the sun went away, but the Twins won so it was worth sitting through my first Minnesota baseball game.

Aaron and I after the game.

My father-in-law took pictures of EVERYTHING!

I had so much fun getting out of the apartment and it didn't require me to have my work uniform or a backpack attached to me. 
I'm going to have fun this summer!!


Lin said...

What a fun trip! I love going to baseball games, even with their expensive ass beers. Love the pictures :)

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