Jul 13, 2014

Much needed update...and fantastic news!

It's been an extremely busy time for me as of late.
I have been busy working my ass off, working on my Summer Bucket List, and trying to sleep. More importantly, I'm getting things together FOR NURSING SCHOOL!!!



I am so unbelievably excited to starting nursing school, but I want to fucking throw up all over the place just thinking about the hard work and knowing I'm going to want to pull out all of my hair.

I've had to get all of my immunizations, find an acceptable stethoscope, get all the other crap such as hemostats, scissors, analog watch, white shoes, CPR classes, ordering of the ugly school scrubs, etc.
Orientation is on Wednesday...I'm so nervous.

Other than all of that, things on the home front have been somewhat stressful. Been fighting with Aaron and it sucks. He thinks I'm up to funny stuff because I'm going to movies with friends, or meeting an old co-worker for coffee or dinner when he gets off work from his new job.
Aaron has met all of the people I hang out with and I don't know why after 12 years of knowing I have more male friends than female, he has a problem.
Lately he just wants to sit at home and play video games. I've invited him to coffee, dinner, and movies with friends from work, but he declines....every single time.
He has also said some extremely hurtful things the past few weeks. Especially after my cancer scare (more on that in another post). He just hasn't been supportive of me or anything I've done in a long time. I'm pretty lonely.
I think most of it has to do with being so disconnected. Aaron and I have been working opposite shifts for months now, only getting a day off together each week, and going to bed at different times. Hoping to get some time together and reconnect soon. I do miss him terribly.

Another bit of news is our assistant manager at my work quit and went to a different company. They offered me the job, but get this....THEY ONLY OFFERED ME A FUCKING DOLLAR RAISE.

Hell to the no.

I already do so much for the company and I'll be damned I'm going to get even more work and make a dollar more. Not when the old assistant was making 4k a month....Pft.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted. I need to get some sleep after working over night shift. I'm so tired!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! You will be amazing :) I just started school while working full time and my husband and I can easily not see each other A LOT. I am trying to make some time right when I get home before I study but its tough. We started to talk about it and I just balled my eyes out I think it was building up for the last month! But we got on the same page....maybe you guys need some tears and a talk?! I hope things get better :)

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