Jul 24, 2014

Things I Currently Hate

I've been in a grumpy mood lately so I figured I would post about things I currently hate at the moment.
And of course, in lovely bullet format. :)

  • Minnesota drivers. If you are merging onto the freeway where everyone is doing 65+, use the fucking acceleration lane for it's intended purpose....to fucking get to the speed limit so we don't have to slam on our brakes while you mozy on in at a 40 MPH pace...assholes.
  • Hotel guests...or wanna be guests. I live in Minneapolis. It's a huge city. Therefore, there are tons of things to do in the summer time, such as Mall of America, Minnesota Twins baseball games, car shows, fairs, conventions, etc. I can't help it that you thought you would take a spontaneous 8-hour trip from Chicago and not plan ahead where you are going to sleep. Don't get pissed off at me and call me a bitch when I tell you we are sold out. Plan better next time...assholes.
  • Nursing program directors. Orientation was last week. We were supposed to receive our scrubs, our badge, a student handbook, and other various things. We did not receive one of those items. The handbook was not ready due to lazy lawyers, can't get our badge without scrubs, and can't get the scrubs because at last minute, the program directors decided to add a stupid patch, in which increases the cost of the scrub tops by $7. Yes, $7 to sew on a patch per scrub top...assholes.
  • My apartment managers. Rent is increasing yet again which I think is bullshit. No added features, no bonuses, same ammenities...assholes.
  • My car. Flo is turning into a piece of shit. Every month something else goes wrong and I have to put more money into it. First is was the fuel pump, then the alternator, then the battery, just recently the spark plugs, and I'm pretty sure I need a new starter now. I guess you can't trust your friend's husband that is a mechanic to even be honest with you about the car...asshole.
  • All of the new people my assistant manager hired before quitting. They don't have a brain in their head. It is almost impossible to train them which is my lucky job now that I'm the assistant manager. Thanks a fucking lot...asshole.
From this list, it looks like I hate a lot of assholes. 
Oh well.
I'm off to another full day of work...dealing with assholes!


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