Dec 8, 2016

Hello? *tap* Is this thing on?

I can't believe I've been gone for so long!
Actually, I can. Nursing school sucks the life right out of human being!

I'm happy to report that I graduated with my ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) December of last year, took the dreaded NCLEX-RN, pooped my pants when the computer shut off at 75 questions, cried when I found out the next day I passed, and looked for a job right away!

Such an awesome group of people!

So what I have I been up to this past year??

I decided to go on and further my education by enrolling into a university to obtain my BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) because I would like to eventually get into a hospital setting and specialize in a certain field...although I'm still trying to figure out where I'd like to go.
I did one semester and I said fuck this, I hate this program, so after the semester was over, I withdrew and started a different BSN program which I'm extremely happy with. I have three terms left then I'll have my BSN.

I got licensed and started working as a nurse. It was a hard transition from hotel manager to nurse, but I still help out with payroll and ordering so I'm not completely gone. They will always be family to me. I work in a transitional care unit in the Twin Cities and I'm loving and hating it. I love that I get to practice my skills and interact with patients, but the dynamics of the facility is awful. It's like high school all over again and if you're not a butt-kisser, you don't fit in. I'm no butt-kisser so I don't fit in. Fortunately, I'm only there temporarily. It's to get me a year's experience and through school. Once I obtain that coveted BSN, I'm moving on!

Aaron and I bought our first house!!! We moved a little north of where we were living into a suburb of Minneapolis. 3 bedroom house, office, 1.5 baths, den, living room, dining room, fenced in back yard with the pups (yes pups as in two, I adopted another dog), 2 car garage, and the best feature....a freaking movie theater with six leather recliner seats! It's awesome. We have lived here since the end of September and really enjoying being homeowners.

Back in May, Aaron and I adopted a new pup. His name is Murphy and he's a Shihtzu. Cosmo and Murphy are best of friends.

We also got new vehicles. Poor Flo died on me and there was no getting her back. That poor Durango was the best car I ever had. I ended up getting a much newer Chevy Equinox and I'm loving that thing! Two days later, Aaron's truck died and was going to cost over $3k to fix so we decided to trade it in for a newer truck. We are all set now!

So now I'm spending my time working, finishing up my degree, and catching up on living life after the dreaded ADN portion of nursing school. I made some awesome friends through the journey so I'm happy for that, but I'm glad to be done! Now I have time to do things I liked to do like blog, watch Netflix, see family, and hopefully get some crocheting done!


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